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Kelly Paradis, PhD, DABR

Kelly Paradis, PhD, DABR

Bone Mets Project Physicist

A major focus of Dr. Paradis’ research work in the past several years has been the incorporation of advanced treatment planning and optimization techniques into clinical use. Most recently, she has investigated the application of knowledge-based planning in clinical trials to improve the quality and consistency of treatment planning, with the idea that this will in turn improve patient outcomes and make trial results more meaningful. Clinically, she is the physics lead of the spine SBRT and retreatment programs at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Paradis is the PI on a University of Michigan grant to mentorship and work-life integration in the medical physics workforce. She has also driven a number of patient safety initiatives both at University of Michigan and in collaboration with other institutions. Recent work published in the journal Practical Radiation Oncology highlights a new workflow for Radiation Therapists which has dramatically reduced delays experienced by radiation therapy patients at the treatment unit.

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