The Lung Working Group, led by Dr. Shruti Jolly, Dr. Peter Paximadis, and Dr. Martha Matuszak, is currently working to identify ways to improve lung cancer treatment for patients across the state of Michigan. 

Areas of Current & Ongoing Focus:

  • Treatment technique and lung/esophagus toxicity evaluation (IMRT vs. 3DCRT)
  • Impact of pretreatment cardiac disease and radiation doses on long term heart complications
  • Understanding factors that contribute to poor patient outcomes post lung cancer treatment
  • Uptake and toxicity implications of Immunotherapy in definitive lung cancer treatment
  • Disparities in Lung Cancer Care
  • Improving Quality of Radiation Treatment Plan and Delivery  
      • Lung Target Delineation
      • Lung Target Coverage and Normal Tissue Dose Constraints
      • Lung Motion Assessment
      • Knowledge Based Planning (KBP) to improve radiation plan quality


Tools: MROQC Lung Pneumonitis Predication App